Monday, December 19, 2011

What to do ... with all the rabbit poo ...

One of our bucks

We've currently got 38 rabbits, so we've got LOTS of poop! Every other day we open the doors on the outside of the barn and shovel it out into buckets. (Our barn is an old tobacco barn, so every couple of feet there's a door that opens outward. We enclosed one side of the barn for the rabbit area.) During the summer and early fall, some of it was getting spread through the gardens, some of it was going to neighbors for their tomato plants (where it will provide lots of nitrogen and phosphorus and help build soil, but a lot of it was being dumped into the forest where the chickens would have a field day scratching through it!

The other day Mr. Wild was talking with one of our farmer friends, they were talking about an upcoming project that we're hoping to get involved with (with our rabbits, but thats another post in the making!). Mr. Wild made a joke about being buried in rabbit poop and the friend told him that there are "specialized" gardeners that would pay good money for the rabbits poo. That they have even put ads in Craigslist! Mr. Wild told him that we don't know any of these specialized gardeners. The friend said he'd introduce us to a few of them at the next auction and put the word out. Green is good ;o)


  1. Thank you for the heads up on the poo. We currently have 11 rabbits so the poo is prolific though not as much as yours! I'll have to check our 'local' craigslist and let the gardening club know we have poo.

  2. Oh! We are getting rabbits soon! I have been trying to think of ways to make money in order to stay home with the kiddos. Earn my keep so to speak! Thank you for the idea!