Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bourbon Balls - part I

Pecan halves, Makers Mark Whisky and a jar with a lid.

1 cup Pecans (it calls for chopped nuts, but I prefer the halves).

5 Tablespoons Makers Mark Whisky.

The bowl was just for pictures, I don't recommend using it because I lost about 1 tbsp when trying to pour it into the funnel.

Dump the pecans into the jar, put the funnel in (the yellow tip at the top) and pour the bourbon in.

Seal the jar and shake up. I try to shake it up and roll the pecans around every couple of hours. Overnight I turn the jar on its side so the coverage is more even.

Part II tomorrow =o)


  1. I plan on makin some of these to give my sisters boyfriend for Christmas. Gotta get some bourbon.

  2. If you can find Makers Mark, its awesome!