Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goat introduction

Blue - blue-tick Boer doe

 Oreo - American Alpine buck

Cinna - Boer doe

Dirty Deeds - Nigerian Dwarf buck (soon to be wether)

Mad Hatter - Alpine/Nubian mix buck

Big Mama (back left) - Boer doe, pregnant; Silver (center) - Pygmy doe; Mad Hatter in the corner

Snickers - Alpine/Nubian mix doe with her babies, Sterling (front) buck & Fiona (middle) doe.  The lady we got her from said she was in with a Pygmy buck as well as an Alpine buck and she didn't know which one got her pregnant.  We're thinking they both did!  Sterling is much tinier that his sister and his face is different.  We're hoping he is a Pygmy mix so we can breed him with our Pygmy doe, Silver.

Oreo again with Heinz .  She's almost 10 months old now!

I need to get updated pictures of Stripies and our other doe, Alice.  Right now all the goats are on an acre with electric fence surrounding it.  We've only had a couple of escapes, mostly because the smaller ones went under it following the ducks!  We're working on getting our whole perimeter fenced with 5 ft wove wire with 2 stands of electric, it's a LOT of work!

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