Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moving forward & other changes

I'm trying really hard to remember to blog about all the stuff I'm thinking about blogging about!!  I get so distracted so easily and then next thing I know, its 2 weeks later and no blog posts.

So, first major change.  We are moving to Kentucky, to an old tobacco farm (I'll post more in detail soon).  Finally leaving Las Vegas, NV!!!  I've been waiting for this day for 14 years.  My plan is to keep track of all of this change, the move, getting the farm set up and running all the while homeschooling.

Which is the second major change.  I pulled the boy out of school.  I've had enough.  Schools in Las Vegas are some of the shittiest, and because they pay so little, they get the crappiest don't-give-a-shit teachers.  My son is 15 for those wondering, he has been in self-contained special ed since 4th grade (after 4 years of fighting to get him in regular special ed).  He has been on an IEP and doing awesome.  Until high school.  So after getting yet another progress report of him failing, I drove over to the school and pulled him out.  Best decision EVER!!!

Lets see, the baby goats are now 3 weeks & 5 weeks old.  Still getting a bottle twice a day.  Our duck is sleeping with them in their house.  That makes me smile.  BIG HUGE SMILES!!

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