Sunday, February 19, 2012

The beauty of a kiss

Sasha (Jersey heifer) & Dash (Holstein/Angus bull)

Yesterday we brought home 2 bottle babies since Popeye is making so much milk. We've been getting about 6 gallons a day and that is WITH Sasha nursing. We've been giving some to the hogs, the cats, the dogs and some for us, we've frozen tons and we still have so much! So we decided to get a couple of babies. We brought home a 2 week old Holstein/Angus bull calf and a week old Angus heifer calf.

Sash (Jersey heifer) & Pearl (Angus heifer)

After we introduced them to Popeye and Sasha we hung out in the barn watching to make sure things went smoothly. We also needed to teach them how to nurse, because they both had been on bottles from birth. I was in the stalls with them and Popeye working on helping them find the right end (lol) and then the teats. After a few minutes I stood back and let them sniff around on their own.

Sasha came over to me and started nuzzling and rubbing against my leg, so I reached down to pet her. Pearl (the Angus calf) came over on my other side and quietly stood there. I knelt down to talk to her and continued to rub Sashas side. I slowly brought my hand up to scratch Pearls back but she put her head under my hand and then started licking my fingers. Sasha leaned forward and stuck her face in my face, licking my cheek. I looked up at Mr. Wild and smiled. I was filled with such gratitude and love. I told him never in my life did I think I would experience a moment like this, being loved and kissed by 2 baby cows. I can't picture my life any other way.

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