Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hide 'n seek in the hay loft

A few days ago I went up into the hay loft to grab a bale for the goats (it'd been raining and they refuse to go outside, they might melt!) and this little gold/black banty hen was sitting on one of the rafters in the middle of the barn just squawking and having a fit, all directed at me! I searched everywhere but couldn't find a nest. Until today! I was up in the loft again, for the goats, and I moved the bale that is in front of her and she made a soft purring/cacking sound. Its dark up there so I couldn't see her at first.

I got my cell phone out to use as a flashlight. I was surprised by how deep her little nesting area is, a little over a foot deep! I pushed the bale that I'd moved back tight where it'd been and went to another area to get one. I fed the goats, went down to the house for my camera and climbed back up to see if I could get a picture or two. I brought her some feed so she wouldn't have to leave her nest tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed that she hatches out a bunch of bantys!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool discovery! Here's hoping for a successful hatch!